Your Sleep Study

A sleep study is a non-invasive test that involves an overnight stay in the sleep laboratory.  We utilise facilities at Cabrini Brighton, SJOG Berwick, Epworth Camberwell and Epworth Richmond, as well as Monash Medical Centre for uninsured patients.  We also provide sleep studies in regional areas including Insight Clinic in Albury and Mildura Private Hospital.  

On the night of your sleep study, you will be admitted at 6:45/7:00pm, usually after having an early dinner at home.  You will have your own private room with ensuite bathroom.  A light breakfast is provided in the morning and you will be discharged by 7:00am (or earlier if required).  

Prior to going to sleep, sensors are placed on your head, face and body to monitor a number of parameters including brain wave activity, heart rate, respiration, eye movements, muscle tone, blood oxygen levels and limb movements.  Infrared video is recorded to verify movements and sleep position, and then deleted once the study analysis is complete.

You may find that you don’t sleep as well as at home due to the unfamiliar environment, however most patients generally get more sleep than they perceived they had!  We encourage you to bring along any items that will make you more comfortable such as your own pillow, your usual snacks, drinks or nightcaps, reading material or laptop/tablet.

Following your sleep study, results are processed within two weeks and a report forwarded to your referring doctor. 


There are two accounts for a sleep study: a hospital account for the admission fee and a medical account from the reporting sleep physician.  If you carry private health insurance, our physicians do not charge any gap, however you may have an out-of-pocket fee from the hospital account if you have an excess or co-payment on your policy.

If you are uninsured, do not have hospital cover or have a high excess payment, please contact us so we can discuss alternative options, such as sleep testing through the public system, or a home sleep study if appropriate.