CPAP Clinic

Starting CPAP treatment can be frustrating, confronting and confusing.  We have good working relationships with a number of commercial CPAP providers in the community, whom we work closely with and can recommend.  We depend on these suppliers to undertake CPAP initiation and offer ongoing troubleshooting and maintenance support.

As CPAP treatment can be expensive, should you not have health insurance extras coverage, it is our role to provide you with impartial and considered advice to make CPAP comfortable and beneficial. Occasionally we loan out our own units and perform downloads over a period of 1 – 4 weeks for troubleshooting or to ensure CPAP effectiveness.

Once established on CPAP, it is fairly usual to come back through the sleep laboratory for troubleshooting or to ascertain CPAP effectiveness, including changing over masks and determining mask leakage and fitting issues. As time goes on, the need for these laboratory sleep studies becomes less and less, with long-term patients generally being seen every 1 – 3 years.