Insomnia Management

After an initial specialist assessment, we frequently seek assistance from sleep counsellors and psychologists to help in situations where broken sleep appears to be due to primary insomnia; in other words, not secondary to other situations.

By working with a sleep psychologist, the factors which may impact on broken or insufficient sleep can be dissected and rearranged to be more conducive to a better night’s sleep. Strategies to change unhelpful habits would be implemented and managed over a number of sessions.

Ongoing treatment is in conjunction with, or in liaison with the responsible sleep physician. This ensures that progress is monitored and a review plan can be arranged if needed.

If there is substantial agitation, anxiety or depression, a start on basic treatments can be undertaken, but we may also recommend a review by a specialised sleep psychiatrist to help determine further treatment options.

General tips for improving sleep hygiene and insomnia can be found on our patient information sheet: Sleep Hygiene & Insomnia.