Affiliated Services

Sleep disorders do not usually occur in isolation. We are therefore reliant on colleagues and professionals to determine if other factors are at play which may be interfering with sleep. We work with knowledgeable mandibular advancement splint dentists who not only provide anti-snoring type mouthguards, but also assess jaw structure, bruxism and teeth grinding, and jaw joint issues which may impact on sleep and breathing.

We may ask a commercial CPAP provider to help you or refer you to a sleep psychologist. Occasionally we think it’s best that a sleep psychiatrist reviews your situation. There are a number of other specialists with whom we work fairly closely.

Ear nose and throat (ENT) surgeons often make assessments of the need for removal of tonsils, straightening noses or improving nasal patency through trimming of the internal structure of the nose and sinuses. We work with a number of ENT surgeons who are knowledgeable in sleep medicine.

As heart issues often create problems at night, a number of cardiologists who are knowledgeable in sleep medicine are affiliated with our clinic, including Dr David Bertovic, who consults at our Brighton rooms. Pain and discomfort is typical in fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, and we work closely with a rheumatologist. Abnormal behaviours at night sometimes require an assessment from a neurologist. Being overweight and having diabetes is often an accompaniment of sleep apnoea, and we therefore work closely with endocrinologists, weight loss specialists and weight loss surgeons.

We will normally recommend specialists in your area and will endeavour to organise all affiliated services in conjunction with your general practitioner.